Who We Are

Awesome Exteriors Pressure Washing LLC is a reputable pressure washing company. Aside from our skills and expertise, we have earned the trust of a lot of clients because of our unparalleled customer service. Also, our company has full liability insurance.

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Our Mission

We aim to provide high-quality cleaning services at affordable rates. Our team is committed to giving our customers a stress-free experience, from the second they contact us until the job is complete. Exceeding our clients’ expectations is our philosophy, which is why we always strive to do our work excellently.

Our Story

My husband and I built our company from the ground up. We took a whisper of an idea and made it into a fully functioning business. Today, our company gets calls from people who think that they need to replace their gutters, roofs, decks, and other parts of their property. After our team performs a cleaning operation on their houses or buildings, their spaces look brand-new once again! Our clients are so ecstatic, knowing that they don’t have to spend money on unnecessary material replacement.

It all started as we were helping a family member who did not have the time to thoroughly clean their home exterior. We tried to use the two-year-old store-bought pressure washer that had been laid away in the shed, only to find out that it no longer worked. We then attempted to clean the siding with buckets and a garden hose! This was an extremely inefficient way to clean—it was difficult, time-consuming, and the results weren’t great. The house didn't come out neat and tidy as we wanted it to be. As we were cleaning our family’s residential property, the idea of establishing a pressure washing company was born.

Membership and License

HomeAdvisor (Top-Rated Elite Member)

Pennsylvania (PA) Home Improvement Contractor (#130420)