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At Awesome Exteriors Pressure Washing LLC, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all of your cleaning needs. For this reason, we make sure that we are skilled in various kinds of cleaning methods.

We are experts in pressure washing houses, buildings, decks, and fences. Our team can also handle any fleet washing or concrete sealing project. However, the list of what our staff members can do doesn’t stop there. If you need professional assistance in cleaning your roof, we are also the right team to turn to.


Soft Washing: An Effective Roof Cleaning Method

Soft washing is a method in which concentrated chemicals are applied to a surface at low pressure. This technique can give your roof a deep clean without damaging or dislodging its tiles, or degrading its delicate stonework.

Roofs are breeding grounds for microorganisms such as algae, lichen, and moss. Aside from making your property unsightly, the accumulation of these elements can also decrease the longevity of your roof. In addition, these microorganisms can pose potential health hazards to the people occupying your house or building.

Let Us Put Our Expertise to Work for You

If you want to get rid of those black stains on your roof, reach out to us. We’ll do what it takes to eliminate the microorganisms that have long been breeding in this area of your property. To schedule an appointment, connect with us today.