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Exterior Cleaning


We are a local family-owned-and-operated business with the equipment of a large company. This allows us to give our customers superior cleaning services at rates they can afford.


We use Google Maps to visualize a house, so an on-site quote is not necessary. This means that an estimate can be provided within minutes! For those who prefer an more online experience, booking for an appointment can be done through our booking site. You can just check your calendar—pick a date and time that works for you. In addition, all payments can be made online directly through invoice.


We pride ourselves in responding to our clients’ needs as fast as possible, whether by phone or email. Our team members strive to answer all incoming calls. However, if we are out on the job, we respond to all missed calls within 24 hours of the initial contact.

- Cleaning Techniques -


Soft washing utilizes concentrated chemicals and are applied at a very low pressure. Mold, mildew, fungus, etc. are killed at their root and rinsed away. Soft washing is used on most house siding types.

Pressure washing involves the use of cold water mixed with chemicals, which are applied to surfaces under high pressure. This is used for harder surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and brick. 

These techniques are safe to use when handled by a trained technician. After assessing your property, our team members will implement the cleaning technique that is best suited for your home or property.

Why Exterior Cleaning Matters

Health and Sanitation

When dust or mold accumulates in certain areas of your house or building, they will not only affect your property’s appearance but also the health of your loved ones or employees. You will notice that they will cough and sneeze more often, have watery eyes, or complain about other types of allergies that are often caused by these irritants.

Aesthetic Appeal

Ugly stains, mildew, and other kinds of elements can make your property less appealing. Soft washing and/or pressure washing can enhance the beauty of your property by taking out any type of dirt present, making its surfaces look good as new.

Property Value

Exposure to natural elements such as heat, wind, and rain can take a toll on your property’s walls and exterior paint. With soft washing, you can preserve the appearance of your residential or commercial building, and thereby increase its value.

Maximum Coverage

We are highly versatile and mobile, which means we can provide comprehensive cleaning solutions for any surface and to various locations. Our service area covers the following counties in Pennsylvania:

  • Allegheny

  • Armstrong

  • Blair

  • Butler

  • Cambria

  • Clearfield

  • Indiana

  • Jefferson

  • Somerset

  • Westmoreland